Volunteer Service in Nepal (VSN) is the Nepali based organisation with whom we volunteered in 2006/2007 and all funds raised by us go directly to them.

Shining Stars Children’s Home February 2009

VSN are located in Kathmandu, Nepal and presently they hold guardianship of 44 children across their two homes of Shining Stars and Brighter Future Children’s Homes (thus the inspiration for our name).

Shining Stars Children’s Home New Buildings July 2010

VSN also supports a range of other homes throughout Kathmandu Valley by way of providing volunteer assistance.  VSN aims to provide sustainable assistance
to disadvantaged socio-economic groups within Nepali communities; believing to empower people in order to create change.

VSN’s motto is “helping others to help themselves” and their philosophy for the children within their care is to not only provide for their basic needs but also to nurture them emotionally and mentally; allowing them to live their lives as children and also realise their dreams as adults.

Their latest newsletter is here  VSN Newsletter, Issue 25 – Jan 13

For further information please refer to their website http://www.vsnprojects.org/