How To Help

Shining Future Foundation is a not-for-profit, non-government organisation. It does not receive any government funding, and as such depends entirely on the generous donations of individuals and businesses.

As you’ve read we have a great reason for sending funds to support VSN’s work in Nepal.  We would love for you to help with this goal.  Attending or supporting our current events is a great start.


The easiest way to donate is online using a credit card.  Click the red box below which will take you to Give Now who process these donations on our behalf.  Donations can be once off or regular.

There is also the option of making a once-off or regular donation into our bank account.  Please send us an email at so we can thank you for your generosity.

Shining Future Foundation Aust Inc
BSB: 033002
Account:  223428
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Fundraising ideas

Would you like to help out but not sure how?  Below are some ideas of ways you can raise money for us and have some fun at the same time.

Delicious Banquet Dinner

Contact your favourite Nepali restaurant and discuss a banquet dinner for your friends.  The owner will no doubt be happy to put on a big spread then charge your friends the cost of the dinner plus  a donation on top as the ticket price.  That is the food costs $20 but charge $40 per ticket.  We can help you out with Nepali Handicrafts to sell on the night as well.

Cucumber Sandwiches and Pretty Cupcakes

Why not enjoy some luxury in the name of charity?  How about organising a posh high tea at a luxurious hotel close to you.  A ladies only event for a Sunday afternoon sounds like a great way to get together with friends catch up on the gossip.

Brush the dust off your joggers
Start a running team and feel the buzz of completing a marathon. Not up to running marathon? Why not set the date, set the distance, and get sponsored to walk!

The ball’s in your court!
Why not hold a baseball/cricket/golf/basketball/netball/tennis/football tournament? How do you raise money? Charge entrance fees of course! Bullseye! For the not so energetic, how about a darts match or a game of dominoes down the pub? You could also have a balloon board and have amounts hidden in each balloon. Charge each person a small fee to play and then they aim a dart at the balloon and if they pop a balloon they donate the amount in the balloon. You must make sure each person participating is aware of the highest amount and agrees to this prior to entering.

Anyone for a quick dip?
Try a sponsored swim.

Love cooking?
Why not hold an all you can eat BBQ or buffet for your workmates/friends/associates – they’ll be happy to make a donation and scoff as much food as they can!

Naughty but nice!
Do away with the diet, get sponsored and challenge others to devour as many cream cakes as possible. Still a big kid? Eat jelly beans with chop sticks – how many can you cram in a certain period of time? Encourage others to guess and run a sweepstake!

Feeling a bit portly?
Shed your kilo’s whilst raising money for Shining Future Foundation. Take part in a sponsored slim!

How many grams?
Bake a cake and run a competition to guess the weight. Then you can sell slices of the cake to staff for morning or afternoon tea with coffee or tea.

Host a dinner party
Get the food and wine donated or ask people to bring a course each and make a donation.

Roll back the years!
Hold a 20s party, a 50s rock n’ roll dance or an 80s disco – pick your favourite decade and watch the money come rolling in for Shining Future Foundation as you charge people for a ticket.

Christmas cracker
Why not make a donation to the Shining Future Foundation rather than sending Christmas cards this year?

Love to go casual at work?
Get out your latest casual clothes and organise a casual clothes day at work

Please email us to discuss your ideas and let us support you in your efforts!