Eve began as a volunteer with Volunteer Service in Nepal (VSN) at the end of 2006. During her placement, Eve worked with local community members in a small village in Kathmandu Valley, working on a range of community maintenance projects as well as assisting the children in VSN’s first home—Brighter Future Children’s Home.

Eve returned to Nepal in March 2007 to take up a six month term with VSN as their Volunteer Coordinator, where she met Glenda, Andrew and Marnie.

In 2007 Glenda worked for five months in Kathmandu as a volunteer at a children’s home VSN was offering support to (without direct guardianship of the children). As a teacher by trade, Glenda’s support involved home tutoring, health maintenance and coordination of daily routines.

The home Glenda was placed at was called Godly Prayer Peace Mission (GPPM), which housed boys ranging in age from four to fifteen years old. Unfortunately contrary to its name, there was nothing ‘Godly’ or ‘peaceful’ about this home or the children’s existence within it.

The children were often subjected to manipulations by the home managers who were only interested in using the boys for their own gain. The boys did not receive a reliable source of food and there was a constant threat of eviction from the dishevelled building they were housed in due to mismanagement and a lack of funding.

The boys health and hygiene deteriorated in this home due to unsafe drinking water, blocked and overflowing toilets and a lack of regular, fresh and nutritious food.

Their education suffered as a result and the boys, in addition to being malnourished were also lice or sore ridden due to infested bedding.

Finally and not unexpectedly the boys were evicted and forced to move their heavy beds and limited furniture to a home that was still under construction; with live wires falling out of the walls, a ten foot drop down cement stairs without a banister and no locks on the doors. The boys were unsafe and in a worse situation to what they had been in previously.

It was obvious to the VSN staff, Glenda and Eve that something more needed to be done for these boys, but without legal guardianship, there was a limit to what support could be provided.

After consideration, VSN agreed to fight to obtain guardianship of the remaining boys in the home, on the promise from Eve and Glenda that they would assist VSN with the financial costs incurred for the upkeep of the children. The six boys from GPPM who were true orphans are now living happily with the other children in VSN’s own homes.

This arrangement is now heavily reliant on support through funding from Shining Future Foundation Australia.

Andrew and Marnie spent three months with VSN in 2007 initially based at Paradise Children’s Home (VSN offer support to them) then moving into the health team.  There were 8 children in the home with an owner who had a good heart but no financial sense.  The children’s health needs were met by VSN and lots of play and social interaction was provided.

The Children of HCP

Whilst part of the VSN health team Andrew and Marnie visited other homes run or supported by VSN to provide monthly health checks and health information.  We were always battling vitamin deficiency, head lice, worm infestations and tooth decay.  The health team also checked the immunisation status of each child.

It’s easy to see why this Foundation was started and the passion behind the fundraising efforts. We really appreciate all the support that you can offer us to improve the lives of these children.